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The Impossible Cool

I’ve really been enjoying photos posted at The Impossible Cool. This simple blog showcases incredible photos of famous writers, actors, directors, artists, etc. Most of the photos are ones that I’ve never seen before and are, indeed, impossibly cool. Definitely give it a look.

The site made me think of one of my favorite photos of all time. This is a photo of my grandpa Zimdars looking every bit like a Chicago gangster posing with his car in Wisconsin. I don’t know the year, or what kind of car, or the occasion; but I’ve always thought that this photo just dripped cool.

Here’s a scan of the image:

Grandpa Zimdars, impossibly cool

Grandpa Zimdars, impossibly cool

Update: Michael Farley suggests the car is a 1931 Pontiac 6. Beautiful car.

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4 Responses to “The Impossible Cool”

  1. Colin Rowley Says:

    Agreed. This photo drips coolness. I have one similar of my gpa and gma in front of their Model T – looking like Ozzie and Harriet.

  2. Jay Owen Says:

    Awesome photo and “impossibly cool” is really the perfect title for it.

  3. Tom Davenport Says:

    Your Grandad isn’t just cool. He is very effing cool. Looks like he’s just been on pimp my ride AND won the lottery.

  4. Nathan Zimdars Says:

    hello Jason,
    I came across this amazing picture, and i was quite curious as to whether I may or may not be related. Im from oshkosh, WI, my fathers name is Brian, his fathers name is Ronald, and thats as far back as i know. i would appreciate any information…GREAT picture by the way!!!